College Hockey Recruiting

college hockey recruiting Aug 02, 2023
College Hockey Recruiting

Are you a young hockey player dreaming of playing at the college level, but wondering how to get there?

If you want to play in college, you must do more than have a good on-ice performance. College coaches are looking for players with skills and talent, a strong work ethic, good character, and the ability to handle the pressures of college life.

So, if you are serious about playing college hockey, here are some recruitment tips.


Put Together a Highlight Reel


A highlight reel is a great way to showcase your skills and abilities to college coaches. Highlight reels should be short (2-3 minutes), showing your best plays and goals. When putting together a highlight reel, include a mix of scenarios such as breakaways, power-play goals, and even assists. Highlight your skills such as speed, stickhandling, and shooting ability.


Attend Hockey Camps and Showcases


Hockey camps and showcases are great opportunities to display your skills in front of college coaches. College coaches can evaluate your abilities, work ethic, and character during these events. Attending these camps and showcases may allow you to meet with coaches one-on-one and build relationships with them. Be sure to research and select camps that are appropriate for your skill level and have a good reputation.


Build Good Relationships With Coaches


It's no secret that coaches are always looking for players who are a good fit for their team. Building good relationships with coaches is essential if you want to get recruited for college hockey. Start by emailing coaches at schools you are interested in playing for, introducing yourself, and expressing your interest in their program. Attend their games and talk to coaches. Ensure they know who you are and what you can bring to their team.


Keep Your Grades Up


College coaches don't just care about your hockey achievements; they also care about your academic performance. Keep your grades up if you want to be in contention for a scholarship. Good grades also mean you'll be able to handle the academic pressures of college life, which is important if you want to succeed on and off the ice.


Be Patient


Finally, it's essential to be patient. Recruiting is a long and challenging process, sometimes taking longer than you would like. Don't give up if you don't get recruited immediately; keep working hard and focus on your goals. Keep showcasing your skills, improving your game, and building relationships with coaches. You can achieve your dreams of playing college hockey with patience, hard work, and perseverance.


Final Thoughts


Getting recruited for college hockey requires more than just being a good player. You need to be able to showcase your skills, work ethic, character and handle the pressure of college life. By following these five tips, you can put yourself in an excellent position to get recruited. Keep improving your skills and building relationships with coaches, and remember to stay patient and focused. Good luck!